my remix for the contest

SaaB DJ4 hours ago

I voted for your track. Would you reapply?

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Thushantha10 hours ago

Voted bro!!Please vote my " Til The Sun Rise Up" remix

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Mr. Raden
Mr. Raden14 hours ago

Nice! Cool Drop! Voted !
Do you mind to vote & check my track " Strangers " Thanks !

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Stevii.1 day ago

nice remix i like it! i voted! could you check out my Feel Good remix and leave a vote as well if you enjoy!

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D-Lux1 day ago

Ciao, very original, voted! Please check out my remix of 'Til the sun rise up' and leave comment/vote if you like it! Thanks in advance for your time

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BRVNO2 days ago

Nice remix!Voted,please vote my remix of feel good back!

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NitoMusic2 days ago

Nice remix!!Voted!Please vote back my remix of Feel Good!Thanks!!!!

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g-dubz.3 days ago

Very good bro!! Voted! Also, can you vote in my remix for the contest of "FEEL GOOD" track?! :D Thanks and Good Luck! <3!!!!!!!!

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Alle None
Alle None3 days ago

Nice remix voted for you !!
Please listen to my remix:
Bob sinclar & akon - til the sun rise up (Alle None Remix)
and vote back :-)

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IrriX4 days ago

saw your remix down here so i though i should help! so i voted! can i please expect a vote back on my remix too? it'd be really really helpful! by the way, good luck in the contest bro!....

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JSUN&ALOW4 days ago

Voted check out my Remix :) .

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lyf_life_music5 days ago

Nice Track. Good Job! Different Intro.
Hope you will like my track in this contest.
Good Luck for the contest.
Thank You.!

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Midimod5 days ago

Great Remix! Wishing you the best of luck!

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Sam KaYY Music
Sam KaYY Music6 days ago

Hey Great Job There on the track..
Voted! Check my supporting track if u don't believe me, BTW I can provide u free 10 votes on your track,
and in return u just have to vote my track Red Code and Follow Me On my Souncloud and subscribe to my youtube channel,all the links are on my Soundcloud page.
dont forget to text me on my soundcloud that u Voted, Peace

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SE7ENE1E1EN6 days ago

I like it, man! Voted! Please vote back to my remix too. Thank you very much and Good Luck in chart!!

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DJ A-Style
DJ A-Style6 days ago

Nice Remix bro i just voted ;)

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C-Dryk™6 days ago

Amazing GLF! You have my vote for this contest 👍 +1 😉

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