Sometimes expriment can give a better output.. :) these track is an arabian big room type... i hope you gys will like it..

Davidee5 days ago

yes i love this arabian big room i voted & support

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Konradinjo6 days ago

I love the combination of big room and arabic sounds :) keep up the good work <3 you've got my vote

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vvoted! vote back my PLEASURE!! over 107k SPOTIFY plays!!!another track TIME TO TAKE CONTROL!(contest) thanks! now over 33,9k soundcloud plays!follow my spotify! ok?

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Hossein mh
Hossein mh6 days ago

Nice ❤️ Like and voted🌹🌹
please vote back ❤️ Merci

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Star Combiner
Star Combiner6 days ago

Great work, you got my vote for sure!!

Check my music and vote if you can! :)

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nyc_official17 days ago

great song! definitely voting!

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