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KAW  Music
KAW Music6 days ago

This is nice, super good vibes here! All the sounds go really nice with one another, making you want to dance, great song :) Mastering is so nice, this song is really sticky! Great job, voted and supported! We hope you have a few minutes to check out our latest track "CHAKRA", would love to hear you're feedback! Spread the love and best of luck in the future, more to come like this we hope! Cheers :)


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LAST LANTERN6 days ago

hi bro
gd morning
your track was amazing
really loved it
its been voted and fully supported
if u have a little time then plzz check out my new track black magic...
i hope you will listen n vote for my track...thank you so much...and good luck bro...

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jlmusicc6 days ago

Hey Sumo Impact!! I love it! 😻 Still working hard 😉 Voted!
Could you listen my track "aloha" if you like it vote please 🙏
Thanks (no spam)

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Steve Kings
Steve Kings7 days ago

The intro is very good but the drop lost power and impact. Good job

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Dj Slh
Dj Slh7 days ago

Nice track voted please vote back for my last track

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XER7 days ago

Please guys check my deep house remix of Avicii-Without You, hope you like!

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ShivuEDM7 days ago

Bigest Fan of Alan Walker pls check my music a tribute to Alan.

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Axmellow7 days ago

Interesting track dude. I like it, voted!

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Bargus7 days ago

Voted bro cool track. Can you vote my last track ''Space'' :)

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December 85
December 857 days ago

Interesting. Voted!
Could you check out my new track The Night?
If you like it, plz vote.

Good luck;)

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meinumusic7 days ago

dude this is sick. I loved every second of this funky jam. You've got my vote! hit me up on Soundcloud: meinumusic Please do me a favor and check out my remix of Fetish by Selena Gomez. I think you'll dig the vibe. (;

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leoteranmusic7 days ago

Hey Bro! Nice job with your Track! I'm a Dj Producer in Miami Fl. if your ever in town Hit me up would love to work with you! please vote for my track "So Easy" and let me know your thoughts! thanks hit me up on my Soundcloud: leoteranmusic btw I voted for your track!

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Star Combiner
Star Combiner7 days ago

Great track! Voted & Supported!!

Check my latest tracks ''Here we Go'' and and vote if you can! :)

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M.X8 days ago

Really nice to listen

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AndriKK4z48 days ago

Hey, nice song, you have my vote :), check my new track "Renaissence", leave a vote and a comment :D, good luck

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1derful8 days ago

Fantastic track. Well produced!! If you have time check out my new track "It's A Party"

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THRWNGSHD8 days ago

Hi, very good track. You have my vote. Check out my track!

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Total Sampler
Total Sampler8 days ago

Hello Everyone ! Check out my new track "Everything" and join me on a journey through the world of music :) Cheers ;)

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Nivlem8 days ago

Nice track, voted!
Can you please vote back on my track "Breathe" ?
Thanks in advance, have a good day

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Hossein mh
Hossein mh8 days ago

Nice ❤️❤️ Like and voted🌹🌹🌹 please vote back ❤️❤️ Merci

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