Here is my new tack


jlmusicc6 days ago

Hey Melokee!! I love it! 😻 Still working hard 😉 Voted!
Could you listen my track "aloha" if you like it vote please 🙏
Thanks (no spam)

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DJ Mixer Man
DJ Mixer Man6 days ago

Great Track MELOKKE checkout my 2PAC REMIX

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Sven Kleer
Sven Kleer7 days ago

Very nice track! The drop is very cool and I like the vibe. You got my Vote!

Please vote for my new uploaded Track "Subtropic Sven Kleer Remix". Thank you :)

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Apolo 18
Apolo 187 days ago


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XER7 days ago

Please guys check my deep house remix of Avicii-Without You, hope you like! :)

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ConorDonaghey987 days ago

Nice track bro i love it and voted. Please check out my latest track 'all day'

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ShivuEDM7 days ago

Pls Check my song and feedback me me

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ShivuEDM7 days ago

Can you teach me EDM pls i am just a new EDM producer pls help me and very good track!!

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Cryptic alpha
Cryptic alpha7 days ago

Wow amazing track!!

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Axmellow7 days ago

In love with that drop! <3 VOTED!

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Great track, great drop voted:) can you check out my track please

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Bargus7 days ago

Voted bro cool track. Can you vote my last track ''Space'' :)

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meinumusic7 days ago

This is beautiful! Very well arranged. I love the synths and rhythms you used in the drop! I'd love to hear what you think of my remix of Fetish by Selena Gomez that I just put out!


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leoteranmusic7 days ago

Hey Bro! Nice job with your Track! I'm a Dj Producer in Miami Fl. if your ever in town Hit me up would love to work with you! please vote for my track "So Easy" and let me know your thoughts! thanks hit me up on my Soundcloud: leoteranmusic btw I voted for your track!

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Star Combiner
Star Combiner7 days ago

Great track! Voted & Supported!

Check my latest tracks ''Here we Go'' and and vote if you can :)

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JSUN&ALOW7 days ago

Voted , check out my new Track

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M.X8 days ago

Nice one

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Tony Valgreen
Tony Valgreen8 days ago

it's cool!, hear me out to "Dragon's Den - Tony Valgreen"

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AndriKK4z48 days ago

Hey, cool song, you have my vote :), check my new track "Renaissence", leave a vote and a comment :D, good luck

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Deep OaK
Deep OaK8 days ago

Nice track Melokee! good job getting to number 1.

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