this track has already over 28,9k souncloud plays! my new future house track TIME TO TAKE CONTROL


Total Sampler
Total Sampler11 days ago

Hello Lads ! Check out my latest track "Everything" and come with me on a journey through the world of music :) Cheers ;)

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Bargus11 days ago

Good job bro, voted!! ;) and please vote my last track ''Space''

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Darnes11 days ago

IPETER heard and voted your track, very thrilled as it is said here in italy if you can vote for yourself on my track

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TomPar & neo Beck

Hi Peter, voted!
please vote for "Vertigo" <3

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MAHDI11 days ago

I listened to your track peter
Nice Music
Voted & Supported
i hope See your musics in top
Give Back The Voted For My Last Music "Me"

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Yerro12 days ago

OMG love these chords, voted back ;)

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Mrfleamino12 days ago

voted nice track ,followed too

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Bayk12 days ago

What a nice Track.
Voted for it!
Pure love

Maybe you can vote for my Song Jumper

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Vendy BurnZZ
Vendy BurnZZ12 days ago

Hello friend! Nice track, deep bass) Can you vote my remix Arrival to Earth (OST from Transformers). Thank you bro)

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BASS R1DER12 days ago

vote for vote? if you help me out by voting for my new track "caveman" i will vote for your track in return!!

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Peter Pinehiller12 days ago

done! thnx!

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Zan Monic
Zan Monic12 days ago

Voted! Nice track dude :)
If you can listen please my new track "Dark Energy" and let me know what you think about it.
Thanks and good luck :)

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Altall13 days ago

Voted! tnx for voting mine)

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m3ight13 days ago

Iha freshi :) Voted !

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Total Sampler
Total Sampler13 days ago

Hello Lads;) Check out my profile and let Our journey begin ! Cheers :)

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Carlo Bari
Carlo Bari14 days ago

good staff here mate! maybe you could be more accurate on EQ low and mid freq on master chain...however good melody! got my vote. if you want listen to my "IT'SLOVE" and tell me your opinion! VOTED

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ABCARIUS14 days ago


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Atom Sphere
Atom Sphere14 days ago

great track I like a good mixing and mastering and sound , I voted, if You don't mind, could you evaluate my track acceleration, and optionally leave a comment I will be very pleased

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May Sand3r
May Sand3r15 days ago

voted Man!!!

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OJLISTER15 days ago

Thanks for the support! It's a cool track, from the offset I can see that its been heavily compressed and you can really hear the compression throughout the song (not that great imo). Aside from a few mixing and mastering problems, the vibes are cool. I like the trumpet and other instrumentation. Good work :)

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Shantrapa15 days ago

Thanks for the feedback !!! voted back

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