Marco and M'cue present their first EP "Results May Vary". Check out the release of "Requiem", one of the 3 original tracks featured on this release! Thanks for all your support and please share! Follow me on my socials :-] Please vote for us in the talent pool! Stand by for the next 2 tracks dropping soon! For the full album check out


Spinnin Records
Spinnin' Records 14 days ago

Old school EDM right here! Well produced and arranged, great job on that part. Now we challange you to create something with the same energy, but with original sounds and melodylines. You;ve got our vote for this one, and we're looking forward to the next!

Score: 4
Sayer7 days ago

I like Old School EDM :) They did a great job!

Score: 1
Jhox Official
Jhox Official1 day ago

👍👍👍 Hey Man! I love your track. I like your melody and your drop. VOTED AND SUPPORTED.
Listen to my new track TROPICAL FLUTE you'll love it when you listen and support me with your vote 👍👍 👍

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jlmusicc2 days ago

Hey brother!! I love it! 😻 Still working hard 😉 Voted!
Could you listen my track "aloha" if you like it vote please 🙏

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jlmusicc2 days ago

Hey bro!!I love it! 😻 Still working hard 😉 Voted!
Could you listen my track "aloha" if you like it vote please 🙏

Score: 0
Mobium3 days ago

Vote for Vote! Already Voted ! Please Vote For My New Track "RED"!!!

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Cher$eY4 days ago

Great track!
Can you check my track "Masters" too? I'd be very thankful!!!

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R.A4 days ago

liking this stuff mate got my vote! Got new D&B back to the roots, track name 'Due Fall' head over to my page drop me some feedback and a vote if you feel its worthy ;) Peace!

Score: 0
Emirix4 days ago

hey buddy please check out my new track red skies and if its reviewed genuinely i shall return the favour thanks again and good luck!j

Score: 0
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SRproductions4 days ago

hi marco & m'cue Good work! Voted & Supported

vote my track "EGIPTIAN NEVER DIES"

Score: 0
Xedis5 days ago

good track, voted!!if you want you can support me with a vote on my new track "Hurricane"!!

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LAST LANTERN6 days ago

hi bro
gd morning
your track was amazing
i really loved it
its been voted and fully supported
if u have a little time then plzz check out my new track black magic...
i hope you will listen n vote for my track...thank you so much...and good luck bro.

Score: 0
Panzerkraft6 days ago

good track, love this big room, good melodies.
if you want, listen to my last track "DESIRE"and give me your opinion.

Score: 0
jlmusicc6 days ago

Hey !! I love it! 😻 Still working hard 😉 Voted!
Could you listen my track "aloha" if you like it vote please 🙏
Thanks (no spam)

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Dj Slh
Dj Slh6 days ago

great track voted :)
please vote back for my new track "SLH - Funky Heros"
good luck !

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Steve Kings
Steve Kings7 days ago

good job. Excelent work brothers not stop of create it is style :D

Score: 0
Bargus7 days ago

Voted bro cool track i love it. Look my latest track ''Space'' and vote please :)

Score: 0
NeaZy7 days ago

Nice track dude, voted! :D
Can you please vote back on my track "Hope" ?
Have a good day and good luck bro

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ConorDonaghey987 days ago

Nice track bro i love it and voted. Please check out my latest track :)

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M.X7 days ago

Really good

Score: 0
clubzound7 days ago

its sound familiar to kernkraft 400 but readapted to an big room track interesting idea

Score: 0