Hello again! My name is James, and I'm from the United Kingdom. I'm 16 years old, and I've been producing for around 2 years. This is my latest future bass track, "Waterfall", I hope you like it!


Alexis Alquicer
Alexis Alquicer7 days ago

Voted, nice job!

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Marc Tomé
Marc Tomé7 days ago

nice job on your track, all the best ;) voted back

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INOVA_Music7 days ago


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drohiid7477 days ago

beautifule work voted

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George Shermadini

Voted, James) Good luck!

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Skraniic7 days ago

our Track is amazing I Voted for you can you vote for my track "No Sleep":

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Flawd Souls
Flawd Souls7 days ago

Hello my friend we hope you are having a awesome Wednesday! James Holland, this is a really nice track you have here, very well put together. From the mastering to the sounds you chose and how well you put them together is truly wonderful! I was vibing along the whole time, just a great job with this one! Voted and supported, spreading the love, we hope you come check out our latest remix. We all share the same dream right so lets help each other out, feedback is always nice to hear! Anyways we wish you the best of luck, much love :)

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Ritwik Remix
Ritwik Remix7 days ago

the first melody was awesome with some good bass and percussion...the flute sound is so melodious,,,,,,how do you get it ?? But somehow i dont like the saw bass in drop.....as well the piano and flute at 2:31 is maintain the melodious effect......however i like it so much for the good choice of melody...voted

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James Holland
James Holland7 days ago

Hi. Thanks for the honest feedback. Firstly, the flute sound is a Nexus preset. Regarding the saw bass, it's there to prevent the mix from feeling empty, and, in addition, it makes it feel like a future bass-tropical fusion.

Once again, thanks for the feedback!

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Oleg S
Oleg S7 days ago

Voted bro

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Cristian Func
Cristian Func7 days ago

Nice brooo! voted!! If you have time, could you take a look at me to my new song called BAILEMOS?. :=)

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Dj Shy
Dj Shy7 days ago

Hey James, awesome future bass, that pluck in your drop so cool. Melody just great. Voted. Good luck!

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hearty7 days ago

nice man voted! you got comment from spinnin! nice

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ANDSICK7 days ago

voted back! thnx ;)

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Mr__Shadow7 days ago

voted man nice one

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S7ven7 days ago

Good track ! Voted...

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Paul Ray7 days ago

Very nicve and catchy melody, really like it and this build up combined with the drop is just great!
Voted back!

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APICELLA7 days ago

very nice.. chill.. you have my vote :)

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Nice track. I like very much the drop. Can you vote and share my music "Medieval"?

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Ryan Lone
Ryan Lone7 days ago

Awesome! I voted!

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LOUD LADS7 days ago

Voted back and thanks..^_^

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