the perfect energy with some progressive mixed with some drums effect let's enjoy the house music world with POWER BANK


Non-Deficere2 months ago


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INOVA_Music2 months ago

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AWSM12 months ago

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Mikeisinthehouse2 months ago

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BR3IZ2 months ago

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Kirks2 months ago

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JD Musi
JD Musi2 months ago

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!! y me apoyen !!
Gracias Saludos desde Colombia

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Alex Viasa
Alex Viasa2 months ago

Wonderful Track!! I Like it a lot. Voted & Supported

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F∀NGS2 months ago

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ALWERT2 months ago

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Kirks2 months ago

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Frequency Brothers
Frequency Brothers2 months ago

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STAX2 months ago

Good work there keep it up. voted for you.
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The Tunestarters
The Tunestarters2 months ago

Some nice Bass House! Maybe you should have chosen another kick, so that the melody is more pumping. And try to make the drop variated, it gets boring after 16 bars. Good luck!

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Jonas Wang
Jonas Wang2 months ago

Really nice work, I mean it! :)

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QU1QUE\SERRA DJ2 months ago

Hi Phinova & Anfisa ,Your track sounds great, I love this groove
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Cristian Func
Cristian Func2 months ago

Voted brother! Good track I invite you to listen to my track :)

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DJ SHANE(145)2 months ago

Add a sub in the drop and it will be awesome

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DJ SHANE(145)2 months ago

Nice Work U have got here! Keep it up!You have got my vote!Please Vote 4 me as well 'cause I am very talented and want to get knwon by Spinnin!Cheers!

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MarcDaeson2 months ago

i reaaly like this!
keep working like this!
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