Sander van Doorn, HI-LO - WTF

Heldeep Records
Nov 28, 2016

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Sander van Doorn, HI-LO

HI-LO is combining his dark, gritty sound with the deep side of Sander van Doorn and the result is exciting. WTF brings dominant steel drums, bound to make bodies move as it intertwines perfectly with the exquisite beat and the energetic vocal samples. WTF will amaze you, what a tune!

Sayer10 months ago


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Limbi10 months ago

This track is too good. But wait...Hi-Lo? Oli-H? Hmm.

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Martin Danta
Martin Danta10 months ago

Nice track with percussive sounds. Hi-Lo and of course Sander Van Doorn never fail :D

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Carretero10 months ago

Amazing ??

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