Menshee - Never

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Jan 27, 2017



Menshee, a rising star from the Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool, already saw his music get crowned Track Of The Week. Now he proves that this tune is going places even more. The feel good vibes, uplifting piano chords and energetic breakdown is making sure that this track will go way further than its original purpose. Menshee will Never let us down!

Jonas Wang
Jonas Wang1 month ago

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Unfoundproject1 month ago

Nice chill stuff. Check out my track desert please. Thanks!

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EdmKimil1 month ago

Hi friends
Good music i like it,
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Lil Scott
Lil Scott1 month ago

Voted! :) Keep up the good work!

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Dennis Pink
Dennis Pink1 month ago

Nice Track!

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LEXO Music
LEXO Music1 month ago

Good track! I just voted! Vote me back if you like my Broken Mirror!

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Smruti ranjan pal


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Ricky Jordan
Ricky Jordan2 months ago

FINALLY A HOUSE TRACK. Good job. Sometimes all these tracks start to sound the same. Good tension at breaks, bassline on point. Very, very Hed Kandi. I like it a lot.


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Storm_Box2 months ago

Sweet...LOVE the track! Voted! Please Vote ME back for MY tracks! FOLLOW ME :) THANK YOU!

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Sulectrix2 months ago


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Brook Gee
Brook Gee2 months ago

Sounds gud. Check out my new Future House track 'Your Love'. Has a cool groovy feel to it. Cheers, Brook Gee

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Redoz2 months ago

Sick man!! Voted!

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Fiixxxy2 months ago

Amazing!!! Checkout my track "RELOAD" :D

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The Paradise
The Paradise3 months ago

Amazing Track!
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Thank You Bro! :3

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Nenad Tevani
Nenad Tevani3 months ago

nice track, i like the sound! please check my latest track "Starline" and vote if you want! thank you!:)

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4EARZ OFFİCİAL3 months ago

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Astroknauts3 months ago

This is a banger, keep it up Menshee.

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Nookers3 months ago

VOTED :) Good job! Please listen to my contest track of "Nook" and vote back. Thanks!!!!!

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Tadeo Beats
Tadeo Beats3 months ago

nice track

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