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Alok, Bruno Martini feat. Zeeba - Hear Me Now

Spinnin' Records
Oct 21, 2016
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In honor of this release, we bring you the FREE download of Alok, Bruno Martini ft. Zeeba ‘Hear Me Now (Acoustic Version)’!

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Hear Me Now

Alok, Bruno Martini feat. Zeeba

Alok and Bruno Martini are a Brazilian dream team when it comes to creating their new hit Hear Me Now. This tune contains an amazing featuring of the vocalist Zeeba, that will touch senses for sure. The smooth guitar lick and melodic chords, enhanced by the sophisticated flute are destined to please some ears. Hear it now!

COSMIC STING27 days ago

My Favourite song . Thank you Spinnin' for the free download link ☺️

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PSYEMUSIC8 months ago

This is so good!! Check out my songs, you might like it.

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Djackyyy11 months ago

Hope I'll Win

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michelkauan11 months ago


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autumn filter
autumn filter11 months ago

sorry i missed it

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D.A.A.11 months ago

so good job <3

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1020968318766850211 months ago

how do i get the free download????

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JohnyMiller189 months ago

Have a spinnin and spotify accounts, and can download free this amazing song

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Noixer X
Noixer X11 months ago

I would love to win that gift :3

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Anthony Drake
Anthony Drake11 months ago

The contest was pretty simple

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brizuelasergio11 months ago

Yeah, i thought it was gonna be more challenging but still it was a lot of fun hahah

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Ajeenkkya11 months ago

It's melody is damn good !!

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