George Kane

George Kane brings Bazaar, a tune that arose from the Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool. He delivers an authentic tune that kicks off with a reggae tinged guitar riff and body shaking beats, enhanced by jungle sounds that’ll get you wild for sure. Get ready to sway and swerve to Bazaar!

TRPK4 months ago

Hi all, pls do hear my new original track "Indian snake charmer". It will definitely be a joyous ride. Thank you all

Score: 3
Divizz5 months ago

That kick kick is pure gold

Score: 3
Gorgan5 months ago

Very cool bro)
Только не просри ничего

Score: 2
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Cole-maness5 months ago


Score: 1
Ruslana Sultanova
Ruslana Sultanova5 months ago

Wakey Wakey!

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Bartezz music
Bartezz music5 months ago

Great track!! love it!

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Worlds Move
Worlds Move5 months ago

Please support my new track, Summer!!

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OfficialPisces5 months ago

nice work, could you please vote my single shuffle thanks

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NOTRIKS5 months ago

Super track!!!)

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