Spinnin' Records launches talent platform Spinnin' NEXT

Aug 4, 2017

Spinnin' Records has announced the launch of Spinnin' NEXT –  a new platform for groundbreaking DJ talent between the ages of 16 and 21 years who are about to breakthrough as the next generation of dance artists. The first NEXT event will take place at this year's ADE, early bird tickets are available now.

With Spinnin' NEXT, the label wants to shine a light on these prodigies and provide them with the right additional tools to accelerate their careers internationally. This includes intensive A&R guidance, international writing camps, live events, livestreams and Spinnin’ NEXT events around the world.

The rotating pool of artists currently consists of Carta (CN), Curbi (UK), Dante Klein (NL), Dastic (NL), Mesto (NL), Mike Williams (NL), Sophie Francis (NL), Throttle (AU) and Trobi (NL). The composition of the group will change over time depending on age, career levels and newly discovered artists.

Many of these teens started making music from a young age and have spent more than half of their lives developing their own sound and profile alongside a busy teenage school life. Mike Williams started off on the piano when he was only six years old, produced his first dance track when he was 12 and shared the stage with world famous artists including Martin Garrix, Jay Hardway and Yellow Claw. When British DJ and producer Curbi turned 16, he signed a record deal at Spinnin’ Records followed by gigs on Ibiza, festivals in Asia and will start his US tour later this year.

Jorn Heringa, Head of A&R at Spinnin' Records comments: “Talent development is one of the most important cornerstones of our company, and with Spinnin’ NEXT, we want to pay a tribute to young talent. The artists highlighted under this new platform represent a dream of many which is only lived by few. With Spinnin’ NEXT, we will tell the personal stories of these gifted individuals who are fueled by passion, talent and hard work whilst also helping them to make that next step in their career”.  

The official launch takes place during Amsterdam Dance Event in October, with the first Spinnin' NEXT event in club Air. Earlybird tickets are on sale now, right here

Listen to the Spinnin’ NEXT Spotify playlist here:

Jordan Taualii

I am a dj and producer 16 years of age from Australia and would love to take part in spinnin next!!!

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Gerabite8 days ago

I am brazilian, Im 18 years old :) I want to stay in spinnin next.

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K!LLA H!LLA2 months ago

Im 18 years old :) And this is amazing :) I want to stay in spinnin next :)

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BlasterX2 months ago

Damn, I'm 15 :(

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krawller2 months ago

i am 16 years and i want stay in spinnin next

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L I M E2 months ago

Iā€™m young dj Lime(17 years old), and I want to take part in this festival, but what do I need to do to get there as an artist(Dj).

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Dj-Luuk2 months ago

When you are a upcoming producer and you are 14.........

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RZR2 months ago

and how do we get in it or what? .-.

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SICKRATE2 months ago

This is amazingggggggggggggg !

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Seasy2 months ago

Damn I'm 15 šŸ˜­šŸ˜‚

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IKSX2 months ago

Thank Spinnin`! I've been waiting for this 38 years!

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h temptation
h temptation2 months ago

the world is running 1 year fast. I will be of 22 on september 20.

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ayala42 months ago

Let me guess, the new ground breaking DJ will be called "chicken nugget", "bacon gladiator" or "play-doh - king of the playground" and the sound will be exactly selected only if it keeps up with today's bull**** mainstream tropical house. This is sure going to be "ground breaking" without a doubt... please... smh. Spinnin' records is a pathetic record label. Trash.

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_fakedubbing2 months ago

Go to hell b**ch.

Score: -1
xmelody2 months ago

damn right

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MEDCO2 months ago

It's a great opportunity for young DJs like me to showcase my talent to the rest of the world!!

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DJ Azza
DJ Azza2 months ago

Will there be something similar coming up for 22+?

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DJ ELL JAY2 months ago

Damn, I'm 22 šŸ˜«

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Mr.ESH2 months ago

Thanks for opportunity Spinnin' Two more years and I will be in game

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DJ SharoN
DJ SharoN2 months ago

Thanks Spinnin Records For Presenting The "Next" For The Next Gen Talents This Will Be Great For Me And Other Who Had Great Talented Artists
Me 17 Year Old Indian Bedroom Producer My Dream Is I Want To Be a DJ I hope This Will Find New Artists Thanks Spinnin We Love You

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Avishek2 months ago

Yeah i am also an Indian bedroom dj and i am 16 only want to be a dj but need a boost

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+####2 months ago

hmmm.....great....i wish to share the stage with martin garrix!!!

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Henry Graff
Henry Graff2 months ago

Next is excellent!
I'm a 16 year old Argentine DJ and producer and my dream is to be the best DJ in the world!
I hope someday I'm part of Spinnin Records ...

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