Exclusive interview: New Dance Music Friday with Vintage Culture

Aug 4, 2017

We proudly present the New Dance Music Friday feature, your weekly update on all newly released dance tracks, brought together on one amazing Spotify playlist. Featured this week (among many others): Vintage Culture! He released his brand new single 'Later' together with Ricci this week, and provides the list with some musical tips, and tells all about it in this exclusive interview.

Hey, you just released your new single 'Later'. How did you create this?
"Hm… That is certainly a tricky question! I have many different ways of starting a track. Sometimes I start by adding a clean kick and bass line. After a couple of times listening to the bass line, I bring in the piano to work on the main melodies of the track. On this project, my approach was different. I played a simple melody on my guitar and saturated it with distortion. The same melody plays throughout different parts of the song, specially at the beginning.  From that point on, I had it all figured out in my mind." 

What does this record say about your musical evolution as an artist?
"It is a vivid expression of where I am right now as an artist, regardless of any external influence apart from the dancefloor. Technically speaking, it is a bit rare to see different vocal styles in the same track. So the interlacing of female and male voices reveal a certain development in my craft, a place where I feel more comfortable handling more elements while striving to keep the groove." 

The EP is featured on Spinnin’s New Dance Music Friday playlist. How important is Spotify to you?
"Twenty years ago, radio was the main source of music listening and promotion. Since the streaming revolution, Spotify became the main platform to listen to music, and I believe playlists embodied on Spotify are the new radio stations. Specially playlists curated by Spinnin, which feature my favorite music genres." 

Which recently released dance tracks should definitely be added to New Dance Music Friday?

Aluna George - 'Turn Up The Love'
Caribou - 'Second Chance' 

[Please note this playlist will change a week after this post]

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